Reap the eco-friendly benefits of Solar Energy

Store the Sunshine through Variety Solar/ Reap the eco-friendly benefits of Solar Energy

Utilizing energy from renewable sources is a need of time to conserve the Environment as the conventional resources of energy generation such as Coal, oil, and gas are getting depleted at an alarming rate. Sun is considered the ultimate power source and solar technology are one of the most significant developments of the modern era. Our company Variety Solar supplies renewable energy products such as Solar panels and Solar inverters to give smart solar energy solutions. We stand as a leader amongst the solar power companies of Melbourne and deliver our services across the Country.

Our Solar products are of excellent quality that comes along with extensive warranties. Canadian Solar manufactures the photovoltaic modules of the Solar Panels Melbourne which gives practical and lasting benefits while promising for a sustainable future.

We provide solar panel installation in Melbourne’s residential spaces, commercial zones as well as industrial establishments which helps to cut down costs by saving electricity bills while earning green credits for the building. Our expert team members understand the client’s requirements to meet their demands and design the solar power system accordingly. Additional generated power is supplemented back to the installed power grid, making you eligible for a feed-in tariff supported by the Australian Government.

The solar inverters come in reasonable prices suitable for all economic sectors and are designed accurately to provide the desired results. Solar inverters in Melbourne are supplied in all types of modules and grids ensuring efficient performance.

With our reliable services and well-trained workers, over the years we have gained the trust of a broad clientele base.  Based on their feedback, we try to improvise our design and minimize any flaws. Variety Solar’s customer support is available 24x7, to solve any issues or to answer any questions regarding the installation of the solar products.