Happy Children's Day

Happy Children's Day Friends !!


A Recent incident pops up in my mind, concerning children. I was traveling on my way back to home with a family in the car. They had cute two little daughters. The younger one was munching on something from the polythene bag and wafer packets.


Once she was done eating her food, she stood up and started waving the bags outside the car window in excitement and was delighted when she finally trashed it in the air, on the road and out of the window. Even, her mother didn't say a word about it.


What my point is, It's our responsibility to make our near and dear little friends aware that dumping the trash in the dust-bin is equal fun for maintaining cleanliness and greenery around us.


Also, Children learn the best by observing the behavior of adults, and they try to copy it. It is us, the adults who should try becoming a good influence and example for the children.


Children are the Future Green Warriors for Mother Earth, and therefore since their childhood, we should inspire them to be the same :)


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